What we do


Green Plumbing Services provides a full range of Plumbing Project Services from problem identification and design through to project management during construction.

Following Design Services are offered to our customers.

•    Cost Estimates & Feasibility
•    Site Survey, Designs & Drawings
•    Product Specifications & Bill of Quantities

Design Services for:

Building Water Supply / Sewerage Systems

Infrastructure Water Supply / Sewerage / Drainage Systems

For Residential, Commercial, Institutional and Industrial market segments.


We are a Supplier of following products, having special Arrangements/Dealerships with the Principals.

  • Thermoplastic Pipe Systems
  1. PPR (Hot & Cold Water) Pipe System
  2. HDPE (Polyethylene) Pipe System
  3. UPVC-Pressure Pipe System
  4. UPVC Building Sewerage Pipe System
  5. UPVC External Drainage Sewerage Pipe System
  6. CPVC Building Hot Water Pipe System
  • Metallic Pipe Systems


  1. M.S Pipe
  2. S.S Pipe
  3. G.I Pipe
  4. Scaffolding


  • Manholes/Inspection Chambers
  • UPVC / HDPE Pressure Fittings
  • Roofing Products


  1. Fiber Cement Corrugated Sheets
  2. G.I Sheets
  • Irrigation system for Lawns / Stadiums / Green Areas
  • Valves
  1. Gate Valves
  2. Non Return Valves
  3. Air Releasing Valves
  4. M.S / S.S Flanges
  • Building Plumbing (Water Supply/ Sewerage)
  • Infrastructure Plumbing (Water Supply/ Sewerage / Drainage)
  • Installation of Compressed Air Networks
  • Installation of Industrial Process Lines / Chiller / Cooling Tower Piping
  • Installation of Roofing Sheds
  • Installation of Aluminum Composite Panels
  • Installation of Fire Fighting pipelines especially in Mild Steel/HDPE
  • Installation of Drip/Sprinkler Irrigation system